Tuesday, October 27, 2020

U.S. Parachute Team

The U.S. Parachute Team has a long, proud tradition  
of representing the United States in international parachuting competitions dating back to the 1950s. This year is especially exciting, with Fédération Aéronautique Internationale first-category World Championships in all events, including the first time the Canopy Piloting World Championships comes to the United States!

The U.S. Team consists of our nation’s best aerial athletes in all disciplines. They are our representatives on the international skydiving stage, charged with showing the rest of the world the skill, precision and professionalism of skydiving in the United States.

We invite you to explore more here, get to know the athletes on your U.S. Team and lend them your support.

Contribute to the U.S. Parachute Team or the Team Trust Fund here...

The Team Trust Fund, conceived by board member Mike Truffer in 1986, is an endowment fund to support each U.S. Team as it prepares for the World Championships every two years. To eventually grow the fund to the point that it can fully support the team, USPA set up the trust so that only the interest and dividends earned during the two-year period can be disbursed. So even though the fund is now at $1.3 million thanks to Mike Truffer and Robert Waspe (who included generous donations in their wills) and many others like Pat and Alicia Moorehead (who donate often), the interest and dividend limitation means that $68,000 is the maximum that the fund can allocate to this year’s U.S. Team as it prepares for the world meet. And while $68,000 is the most that a U.S. Team has ever received, it still doesn’t cover the expected $85,000 in registration costs of a team that has grown to 95 members, including alternates and the speed team. But that’s just the start: Members of our U.S. Team still have to pay their own travel, lodging and meal expenses for the duration of the competition. That’s on top of the extensive training costs they’ve already incurred and will continue to rack up as they prepare to go for the gold.

Corporate Sponsorship Needed

We are searching for a corporate sponsor who sees the opportunity in branding the U.S. Team with its company’s product or services. Visit tiny.cc/uspt to view the short video describing the opportunity, and then forward it to any decision makers you know in the corporate world. Or just have them call Executive Director Ed Scott at (540) 604-9740.