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Competition Committee Action

USPA Staff

A new USPA National Judge Currency system has been put into place and is effective immediately.  In summary, all nationally rated judges must perform some level of judging every 5 years to remain current, otherwise a new rating must be applied for.  This is to raise the standards of our National Judges, ensuring that all judges are up to date with the latest competition rules and practices.  Please review SCM Chapter 2, Section 5.1 for more information.

It is now written in the SCM that if you declare and successfully execute a sequential large formation record, any records that would have been set on the way to the highest declared point total are also able to be claimed.  See SCM Chapter 3 for more information.

USPA National Collegiate Skydiving Championships now have mandatory dates.  These dates are as follows:  December 28 - Official Practice Day & Competition Registration, December 29 through January 2 – Competition Days, January 2 – Closing Ceremonies.  The committee felt that with the removal of the Classic Accuracy event, we are able to give the collegiate competitors more time with their families and the ability to get to the competition more easily.  This will be effective for the 2020 USPA National Collegiate Skydiving Championships.  See SCM Chapter 7 for more information.

There were several issues with the new MFS Advanced draw rules that were adopted at the Winter 2019 USPA BOD meeting that were resolved.  See SCM Chapter 9, section for more information.

The “base-pin” rule in 10-way Speed has been modified.  It is no longer necessary to see the building of the formation – all that is required is that every competitor presents individual separation before the formation is complete.  See SCM Chapter 9, section for more information.

In order to better standardize bids that are received from DZs to host Nationals, we’ve created a list of events that are preferred to be bid on and run together.  USPA National Skydiving Championships should include all of the freefall events – FS, AE, SP, WS.  USPA National Parachuting Championships should include all of the canopy events – AL, CF, CP.  DZs looking to host Nationals will be expected to host each group.  The BOD is still able to award bids for lesser than what is listed, if it feels it’s in the best interest of the competition.  See SCM Chapter 5, section 1.1.3 for more information.

A record (#200555) had to be rescinded after appeal based on not meeting the minimum required for a sequential large formation record.

A number of other topics were discussed with no action being taken on them, to include:

  • Requiring digital submission of USPA state and national records (tabled, pending system)
  • Removal of $10/pp charge for USPA state and national records (tabled, pending discussion)
  • Indoor & Outdoor FAI Sporting License errantly required (tabled, pending IPC discussion)
  • Add language to require BSR compliance for all USPA record attempts (tabled, pending discussion)
  • Restricting canopy material in non-Open classes (tabled, pending discussion)
  • Increasing support for the US Parachute Team (tabled, pending discussion)
  • Updated committee on the status of the Zephyrhills Airport renovation plan (no action)
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