Five Minute Call | Jul 01, 2019
P3 Challenges Big-Way Jumpers at 100-Way Camp

Bobbie Buenaflor

The organizers of P3—Perris Performance Plus—know that it’s spectacular when a large formation comes together. So, each year in May they host a trifecta of four-day formation skydiving events—the P3 Big-Way Camp, 100-Way Camp and Spring Fling—at Skydive Perris in California. The camps, which focus on 20-ways to 100-ways, attract jumpers who are eager to work with organizers such as Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld, Kate Cooper-Jensen and Scott Latinis, just to name a few.

This year’s 100-Way Camp attracted skydivers from 18 countries, and 70 percent of participants were from countries outside of the US. The most senior jumper was 75-year-old Johnny Bateman, and the youngest was 23-year-old Jason Gee, both Americans. The participants’ experience levels varied widely, from 210 jumps to more than 13,000. Many participated in all three camps. Included in the registration fee were photos and videos available to participants through

Most jumpers began with the Big-Way Camp, where they worked on basic big-way skills. Then, those who wished to challenge themselves more joined the 100-Way Camp, where they jumped from 16,500 feet using supplemental oxygen and continued working on skills such as approaching and docking using the stadium method and tracking away in tracking groups.

The organizers discussed discipline and safety at the start of each day. They also held safety seminars, Q&A sessions and even a tracking seminar on creepers during the weather holds, which were plentiful. Those who wished to work on specific skills took advantage of training in the local wind tunnel. During one weathered-out day, Cooper-Jensen led an afternoon field trip to local wineries. 

When the skies cleared, the 100-Way Camp jumpers eagerly took advantage of the good weather. It was thrilling to see the jumps—including a nearly-complete 77-way—that the group achieved with the mentoring of P3. Following the 100-Way Camp was the Spring Fling, where the jumpers put their newfound skills to use on complicated formation skydives.

Bobbie Buenaflor | D-37394
North Hills, California

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