Botak Takes USPA To 40,000-Member Mark

Botak Takes USPA To 40,000-Member Mark

Five Minute Call | September 2018
Saturday, September 1, 2018

Lenny Botak made a tandem jump a couple of years ago. When he landed, he knew he wanted to skydive some more, but as so often happens, life got in the way. It wasn’t until April this year that he was finally able to follow through. He signed up for instruction with the Alliance Sport Parachute Club, a USPA Group Member DZ in Petersburg, Ohio, which is within traveling distance to Botak’s Pittsburgh-area home. He opted for the instructor-assisted deployment method, made progress over 17 jumps and then logged onto USPA’s website on Saturday, June 30, to become USPA member #325501. Botak’s online application resulted in USPA reaching a milestone that day: 40,000 members. Another applicant later that day actually pushed the historic total to 40,001. USPA President Jay Stokes phoned Botak later that week to congratulate him. “He was still pretty excited!” said Stokes.

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