Expecting Parents Perform Gender Reveal Jump

By USPA Staff

Five Minute Call | August 2018
Wednesday, August 1, 2018

On June 17—Father’s Day—expecting parents Jared Jorgenson and Julie Girard announced the gender of their baby during a jump at Skydive Kapowsin in Shelton, Washington. Luke Aikins, a local skydiver and member of the Red Bull Air Force, took possession of a secret envelope that revealed the baby’s gender and rigged the appropriately colored smoke bomb (blue for boy, red for girl) to Jorgenson for him to release under canopy while flying next to Girard. As the pair flew their canopies and Jorgenson popped the canister, revealing red smoke, they yelled, “It’s a girl!” as friends and family cheered below.

The expectant parents landed to many hugs, kisses and tears of joy. Baby Madison Marie Jorgenson is due December 9. Girard is not sure when she’ll take a break from skydiving, but she does know that once she’s recovered from the delivery she’ll be back in the sky.

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