Jumpers Bring AFF To Iran

By USPA Staff

Five Minute Call | September 2018
Saturday, September 1, 2018

In July, four students made the first known civilian AFF jumps in Iran. USPA AFF Instructors Reza Moradi, D-33331, and Rajim Hajir Ahsan, D-37016, instructed the students. Moradi received his instructional rating at the Skydive Dubai Desert Campus in the United Arab Emirates, where he lives. Hajir Ahsan received his rating through SkydiveRatings at Skydive Sebastian in Florida and lives in Idaho. Both traveled to Iran to make the jumps happen. Iranian sport skydivers generally need to leave the country to enjoy their hobby, but Moradi and Hajir Ahsan both dream of Iran soon having its own drop zone.

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