Letters | October 2018
Monday, October 1, 2018

Downward Pressure

Recently, a well-known drop zone updated its packing pricing schedule as follows:

Square footage of canopy:


100 to 199—$7

200 to 299—$8


You read that right. Head down to your local gear store and order yourself a Handkerchief 99 and you, too, can save money on packing. As if the culture of downsizing isn't prevalent enough, this DZ (and many others) are upping the ante with financial incentives that put the worst kind of downward pressure on canopy size.

I get it. It's easier to pack a small canopy, but there are plenty of industries where effort and price are normalized. The cost of your airline ticket isn't a function of your body weight; you don't pay more if you’re a size 36 than if you are a size 28.

If packers think the market will bear a price increase, then charge more across the board. Don't push jumpers into hospital beds to do it.

Nick Strecker    |   B-44060
San Diego, CA

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