Maytown Hosts a Belated Fun Meet

By Cheryl Whitford

Five Minute Call | October 2019
Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Maytown Sport Parachute Club held its annual Fun Meet on August 17, about two months later than usual due to poor weather in June. Club Training Officer Ann Ross and Club Treasurer John Stepanchak were the judges. After the competition, participants enjoyed a potluck picnic (with the club providing burgers and sausages), and a band provided entertainment.

Due to construction near the club’s pea gravel pit, a painted area on the grass served as the target for two accuracy classes. Club President Jeff Selway won the over-200-jump class, while Vice President Alan Ressler took second, and Safety Officer Josh Schlaline took third. Taking fourth in unique style was tandem instructor Eric McCullough, who made all three rounds with a novice jumper in the student harness. Keith Staub won the under-200-jump class, and his first-round score of 0.68 meters was the best score of that round in either class.

In the 4-way speedstar scrambles, the team consisting of Joe Neff, Terry Ross, Schlaline and Staub took first, and Jedd Berntheizel, Joe Havrilla, Blaine Schlaline and Jerry Smith took second.

Cheryl Whitford | D-5164
Marietta, Pennsylvania

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