Operation Wings of Freedom Launches

Gear & Industry Spotlight | April 2019
Monday, April 1, 2019

Operation Wings of Freedom—an organization to help veterans battle post-traumatic stress disorder through skydiving—launched in January. The group hopes to help eight veterans achieve their A licenses in 2019. Wings of Freedom believes that skydiving can help veterans since it helps build a bond through shared experience, is highly intense and helps to develop powerful skill sets through the sport’s extreme demands. The group also feels that battling PTSD in this manner is cost-effective, since the average cost of treating PTSD for a year is $8,300, and the one-time cost of putting a veteran through Wings of Freedom is $7,500.

The organization is currently working to achieve 501c3 non-profit status. In the meantime, it is looking for skydivers to get involved. Interested jumpers can find out more about Operation Wings of Freedom at opwof.org.

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