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Rating Corner | What is Designated AFF Evaluator? A True-or-False Quiz

Jen Sharp

There are plenty of misconceptions about designated evaluators, those jumpers who assist AFF instructor examiners by performing currency and course evaluation jumps. Quiz yourself to see how your understanding stacks up to reality.

True or false?

Designated evaluator is a USPA rating.

False. This is only a designation, not an instructional rating. However, you do have to hold a current AFF instructor rating in order to be designated.

USPA Headquarters tracks AFF instructors who have earned designated-evaluator status.

False. An AFF instructor examiner who recommends the individual in writing to USPA Headquarters initiates the designation. USPA staff confirms this designation but does not track it. In other words, you will not see this designation on a membership card or in any reports. USPA Headquarters relies on the verification of the instructor examiner who submits the recommendation.

If an AFF instructor candidate is not able to complete their rating at their AFF Instructor Rating Course, the AFF instructor examiner directing the course can designate a designated evaluator to finish up the jumps in their absence.

False. An examiner needs to be present during all evaluations in all instructional ratings courses. If the instructor examiner directing the course cannot be present, another examiner in the same method can oversee evaluations with their permission. However, a designated evaluator who does not hold an instructor examiner rating in that method cannot.

Due to the hierarchy of ratings, a designated AFF evaluator can conduct air evaluations for coach candidates without the oversight of the coach examiner.

False. Again, the examiner directing the course is the person responsible for overseeing all evaluations, and there is no hierarchy.

A designated evaluator can get an expired AFF instructor’s rating current without an instructor examiner present.

True. That is, as long as the AFF instructor rating has not been expired for longer than a year.

Once a designated evaluator, always a designated evaluator. There are no currency requirements other than keeping the AFF instructor rating and USPA membership current.

False. An AFF instructor examiner must recommend a designated evaluator every two years, as the instructor examiner needs to verify that the evaluator has worked on at least three courses (two of those within the previous 12 months) and attended an entire classroom portion of an AFF Instructional Rating Course.

There is a designated-evaluator status for every type of instructional rating.

False. Only the AFF method supports this special designation.

The following excerpt from the USPA Instructional Rating Manual, AFF Section 1, E.3 is the only instance of written explanation regarding the USPA Designated AFF Evaluator:

“3. Designated evaluator

a. A designated AFF evaluator may conduct a qualifying evaluation jump with an AFF instructor who cannot meet the annual rating renewal requirements or whose rating has expired for less than one year.

b. To qualify as a designated AFF evaluator, a USPA AFF Instructor must (all of the following)—

(1) have worked as an evaluator for a minimum of three courses, two within the preceding 12 months

(2) be recommended in writing by the AFF Instructor Rating Course instructor examiner and confirmed by USPA Headquarters

(3) attend the entire classroom portion of an AFF Instructor Rating Course every two years”


Jen Sharp | D-17516
Coach Examiner and Tandem Instructor Examiner, AFF and Static-Line Instructor, PRO

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