Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Media Inquiries

Skydiving Reaches Record Growth and Safety! (PDF)

USPA Statement on Skydiving Aircraft Safety (PDF)

Members of the media can contact Shanon Searls, USPA’s Director of Sport Promotion, at sportpromo@uspa.org or (540) 604-9740, to—

  • learn more about USPA and skydiving
  • request an interview
  • obtain skydiving photos for press use

Press Links

The following links contain information on USPA and the sport of skydiving:

USPA Overview
Read about the U.S. Parachute Association’s mission and history, as well as its many programs and functions, including safety and training, Group Membership, government relations and much more.

Skydiving Safety
Learn about skydiving’s safety record over the years and about how the sport continues to become safer.

Skydiver Demographics
USPA’s nearly 40,000 members range in age from 16 to 96 and represent a diverse mix of people from all walks of life. Find out who skydives and where they come from.

Skydiving Terminology
This A-to-Z glossary can help you understand skydiving lingo and teach you to talk the talk like the pros.

Skydiving Equipment
Learn about the basic components of skydiving gear, and get a primer on how a parachute system works.

Skydiving Disciplines
Licensed skydivers have virtually limitless options for aerial fun. Read about some of the most common activities skydivers enjoy in freefall and under canopy.

How to Start Skydiving
Learn about the three basic first-jump methods and find a local skydiving center.

Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to some common questions about the experience of jumping out of an airplane.

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Not only can you quickly can find dropzones, events, courses, examiners, and more from the Find menu, you can also enter your favorite shortcut to go directly to the resource you use most often! Here are some of our short URLs for your convenience:

uspa.org/go - Current or Expired Members setup online account Fast Track!
uspa.org/faqs - Frequently Asked Questions
uspa.org/SIM - Skydiver's Information Manual
uspa.org/IRM - Instructional Rating Manual
uspa.org/diveflows - Videos of ISP Category Dive Flows
uspa.org/malfunctions - Videos of Common Malfunctions
uspa.org/vrvideos - VR Videos of Malfunctions
uspa.org/merit - Merit description
uspa.org/quiz - Interactive ISP Category Quizzes
uspa.org/locator - Search for DZs and people
uspa.org/skydiveschool - SkydiveSchool.org Online Ground School
uspa.org/downloads - Download forms, manuals, and more
uspa.org/records - Look up Competition Records
uspa.org/judge-locator - Find a Judge near you
uspa.org/Locator/STA - Find an S&TA near you
uspa.org/me - Your Individual Membership Profile
uspa.org/forgotpassword - Forgot Password Utility
uspa.org/signinhelp - Help finding your Online Account
uspa.org/login - Login to your Membership Account
uspa.org/join - Join USPA
uspa.org/donations - Make a Donation
uspa.org/register - Register for a USPA online account
uspa.org/myDZ - View DZ info for your designated Home DZ
uspa.org/dzlocator - Find a DZ near you
uspa.org/check - Verify Membership and Rating Credentials
uspa.org/insurance - Overview of USPA members' Third Party Liability Insurance coverage
uspa.org/MyRatings - Manage Your Instructional Ratings page
uspa.org/Verify - Verify a requirement for another member
uspa.org/BSRs - Section 2 of the SIM
uspa.org/FARs - Section 9 of the SIM

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