Back-tracking | Photo by Chip Maury | D-865
Featured Photos | Sep 13, 2023
Back-tracking | Photo by Chip Maury | D-865

Chip Maury

Back-Tracking highlights interesting, lesser-known moments in skydiving through the years. These photos are often unearthed from boxes in the attic, old photo albums and dimly lit DZ closets. Please send submissions to

“This is the famous Willard Joseph Smith of Syracuse. The Navy sent me to Syracuse University for a couple semesters in 1969-70, and I was doing a story for the local newspaper’s Thanksgiving magazine. We shot a number of different ideas in freefall for the cover. This was a reject.”

—Chip Maury | D-865


“We made several skydives to do the photo essay that Chip sold to Empire, The Herald-American Post-Standard’s Sunday magazine. He suggested I write the copy as well as the captions, main bar, etc.

The cover ended up being Smitty with his teeth in the turkey. I was a 20-year-old sophomore journalism student at Syracuse University, and it was one of my first bylines outside the student newspaper, The Daily Orange.”

—Doug Garr | D-2791

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