Print Advertising in Parachutist Magazine

Parachutist is the world's leading magazine for skydiving, the flagship of adventure sports. Each month the magazine is mailed to approximately 36,000 members and subscribers, including over 6,000 outside the U.S. Skydivers span the age range with a high concentration in the 25-45 range. They are independent, youthful in spirit, oriented toward the outdoors, and willing to try new things. More details about Parachutist readers can be found here: skydiver demographics.

Advertising rates compare favorably against other air sports, in some cases, as little as one-third of the cost per reader. Parachutist magazine makes a good choice for niche marketing, and its low rates and very high readership and pass-along readership mean good value.



Advertisements are classified according to image dimensions. There are two types of ads—blocks and banners. For all advertising on or, please email


 Ad Size   Width (px)   Max Height (px)   Per 1,000 Impressions 
Block 330 420 $4.50
Banner 1400 370 $7.50

Image Ads Only - 72 dpi JPG, JPEG, GIF and PNG accepted. Interstitial, HTML5, Rich Media and Video Ads are under review for consideration.

  • Ads will run beginning the Monday after the order is placed (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday).
  • Metrics will be provided upon request.
  • No Flash accepted in any advertisements.
  • Ads must not be political in nature.
  • Clickable ads must not initiate downloads.
  • Ads must not produce audio unless user-initiated.

Mailing List Rental

Order the largest and most accurate mailing list of skydivers' names and addresses available. Custom sorts allow you to choose any number of USPA members (minimum 500) by zip, city, state, region, gender, date joined and type of rating.

The rented list is intended for a one-time use only. Subsequent mailings or seasonal mailings require additional rentals.

For detailed information about the mailing list program and to order a mailing list, please read and complete the following documents:

For further questions, email USPA Membership Services.