Canopy Formation Skydivers Set Sequential World Record!
Homepage USPA | Dec 16, 2022
Canopy Formation Skydivers Set Sequential World Record!

USPA Staff

Photo above by Gustavo Cabana.

On November 18, an international group of jumpers from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada,Egypt, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom and the United States exited three CessnaCaravans and flew a two-point 54-way canopy formation skydive at Jump Florida Skydiving in LakeWales. Canopy Formation Specialists organized the team, which consisted of 51 men and three women.Judges Rina Gallo, Marylou Laughlin and Gillian Raynor certified the jump, and USPA is submitting it tothe Fédération Aéronautique Internationale for ratification as the World Record for Largest Two-PointCanopy Formation Skydive. During the weekend, the team also completed a 65-way canopy formation,thought to be the largest since the world-record 100-way set at the same location in 2007.

The record setting skydivers are: Haitham Abou Ouf, Mark Anderson, Steven Archuletta, KennethBackus, Charles Backus, Bruce Barnett, John Bechtel, James Bolton, Simon-Pierre Bouchard, DonBromley, George Buijtendijk, Fabio Campanha, Steven Cannistra, Szymon Chełmicki, Vincent Coulombe,Jean de Ladurantaye, Anne DeKoker, Eber do Amaral Rodrigues, Martin Dumas, Robert Feisthamel, BobFelt, Paul Ferrell, Eric Gallan, Chris Gay, Michael Goodin, Eduardo Guillen, Frederick Hillebrandt, JasonHobbs, Jackson Hoffman, Nicolas Huard, Travis Johnson, Sean Jones, Carmen Juneau, William Kitto, HenkLunshof, Brian Martin, Frank Matrone, Marcus Muir-Smith, Chad Neidigh, Brian Pangburn, YuliyaPangburn, Michael Paolin, Sean Paquette, Pasi Pirttikoski, Andrew Preston, Michel Rainville, DamienRistaino, Benedikt Simoens, Philip Sparrow, Kyle Taylor, Chris Warnock, Jonathan Yonke, John Young andDenis Zhuravkov. Gustavo Cabana, Daniel Lepot and Michael Tomaselli flew camera for the group.

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