Champion Skydiver Releases Bodyflight Encyclopedia
Gear & Industry Spotlight | Apr 01, 2020
Champion Skydiver Releases Bodyflight Encyclopedia

USPA Staff

Troubador Publishers recently released “Body-Flight Basics,” an encyclopedic book that breaks down the mechanics of skydiving and wind tunnel flying. Written by champion freeflyer, wind-tunnel instructor and international competitor Andy Newell, the book starts with the fundamentals and continues through advanced vertical and angle-flying skills. It presents starting points for all key orientations and provides guidance to both novice and experienced jumpers. The drills contained are (with some small adjustments) transferable between the wind-tunnel environment and the sky.

The book also includes introductory contributions from some of the world’s leading flyers. Twelve-time British National Champion Mike Carpenter said on the book’s jacket, “If I could upload this timeless and comprehensive human-flight bible directly into the brains of my students, it would save me years of my time and thousands of their dollars ... but then again, I would be out of a job!”

The comprehensive, 528-page volume is available at for £40 (approximately $51).

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