Feedback Sought on Proposed 2023 Nationals Schedule
Industry News | Sep 29, 2022
Feedback Sought on Proposed 2023 Nationals Schedule

USPA Staff

Photo by David Cherry.

USPA and Skydive Paraclete XP, host of the 2023 National Skydiving Championships in Raeford, North Carolina, are seeking input from competitors on the proposed schedule of events for the competition, which will take place in September. Those with comments or suggestions regarding the proposed schedule (see below) should email before October 31. USPA and Skydive Paraclete XP will then review all feedback, make any necessary revisions and publish a final schedule. Please be aware that the currently proposed schedule is tentative only and subject to change. Jumpers should not make travel arrangements or other plans for the 2023 USPA National Skydiving Championships until USPA announces the final schedule.

Accuracy Landing—Registration: 9/1/2023; Competition: 9/2-5/2023

Canopy Formation—Registration: 9/2/2023; Competition: 9/3-6/2023

Canopy Piloting—Registration: 9/5/2023; Competition: 9/6-9/2023

CP Freestyle—Registration: 9/8/2023; Competition: 9/9-10/2023

VFS—Registration: 9/10/2023; Competition: 9/11-13/2023

Artistic Events—Registration: 9/11/2023; Competition: 9/12-14/2023

MFS—Registration: 9/12/2023; Competition: 9/13-15/2023

Speed Skydiving—Registration: 9/14/2023; Competition: 9/15-16/2023

4-way FS—Registration: 9/17/2023; Competition: 9/18-21/2023

8-way FS—Registration: 9/18/2023; Competition: 9/19-22/2023

16-way FS—Registration: 9/19/2023; Competition: 9/20-23/2023

10-way FS—Registration: 9/21/2023; Competition: 9/22-25/2023

WS Acrobatic—Registration: 9/25/2023; Competition: 9/26-28/2023

WS Performance—Registration: 9/26/2023; Competition: 9/27-30/2023


View a full-size tentative schedule by clicking on the photo in the gallery below.

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