Fluid Wings Issues Mandatory Maintenance Inspection and Reminder
Gear & Industry Spotlight | Mar 15, 2024
Fluid Wings Issues Mandatory Maintenance Inspection and Reminder

USPA Staff

On March 12, canopy manufacturer Fluid Wings published a Mandatory Maintenance Inspection for its canopies that use 400-pound suspension lines. Users must inspect the suspension lines for wear prior to the next jump on the canopy. The document states that “Lines, where the carriers (filament damage) have observable damage and significant portions of the fibers, are broken or abraded (no longer continuous) will not support the loading for use and are considered unairworthy.”

The document also reminds all jumpers that parachute lines require replacing after a certain amount of use, regardless of canopy type. The type of line, how many jumps the lines have undergone and environmental conditions each play a role in the lifespan of a line set. It is the responsibility of every skydiver to visually inspect the lines on their main parachute at regular intervals and replace them based on their condition. The Mandatory Maintenance Inspection document provides examples of various stages of wear. Those with questions about the integrity of their lines should consult a rigger or the canopy manufacturer. Jumpers can access the Mandatory Maintenance Inspection Document here: fluidwings.com.

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