Jumpers Shred at Tough Turkey Wingsuit Camp
Five Minute Call | Jun 27, 2024
Jumpers Shred at Tough Turkey Wingsuit Camp

Cassie Young

Jumpers fly a big-way over Moab’s beautiful landscape. Photo by Jake Price.

Above: The camp participants gather for a group photo. Photo by Jake Price.

Twice a year, Joe Lohmuller puts on the Tough Turkey dynamic and big-way wingsuit camp at Skydive Moab in Utah, which brings together incredibly talented wingsuiters with a drive to improve, shred and achieve the miracle of flight with amazing friends. During Tough Turkey Vol 5., from March 28-31, the sun was shining (somewhere above the cloud layers) and winds were strong. However, each of the 17 wingsuiters embodied the title of Tough Turkey and managed the adverse conditions, working in small groups on personalized skills and joining in big-way formations to fly over the breathtaking landscape of Moab.

Lohmuller, Jake Price and Clark Robinson led the small groups, organizing jumps that allowed each wingsuiter to improve upon certain skills at their own level. A dynamic group worked on dives, flares and turns, while others worked on transitions, backflying, slot flying, moving around a group and anything else they dreamed of. The big-ways were well planned and included plenty of back and belly flying, resulting in marvelous formations.

Each member of the group had a voice as to what they wanted to work on, which slot on the big-ways they would like to fly and what kind of jumps they wanted more of. The group leader video-debriefed every jump and answered questions with attentiveness. When they weren’t jumping, they were in Lohmuller’s backyard playing corn hole and having a barbeque or causing a ruckus at the Moab Brewery.

Cassie Young | D-40568
Hawthorn Woods, Illinois

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