Keep an Eye Out | Exposed Velcro
Keep An Eye Out | Jul 29, 2022
Keep an Eye Out | Exposed Velcro

USPA Staff

Flap stiffeners and magnets have replaced hook-and-loop fasteners (Velcro) on most components on modern skydiving containers but have not eliminated it altogether. Most manufacturers still incorporate Velcro as part of restraining the reserve-static-line (RSL) lanyard. When the rough side (the hook side) and the soft side (the loop side) aren't mated correctly, both parts are exposed on opposite sides.

During the gear-check instructional phase of a recent AFF Instructor Rating Course, an examiner found the loop side of the Velcro exposed near the RSL attachment shackle (photo 1). This telltale sign indicated that the hook side was also exposed, and further inspection revealed that not only was it exposed, it had caused noticeable damage to the reserve riser (photo 2). Fortunately, the problem was caught early and the riser did not need replacement, but if the Velcro had stayed unmatched, it may have abraded the riser to the point where replacement was a necessity.

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