Keep an Eye Out | Leg-Strap Damage
Keep An Eye Out | Jan 01, 2021
Keep an Eye Out | Leg-Strap Damage

USPA Staff

While inspecting a rig prior to a reserve repack, a Federal Aviation Administration Senior Rigger discovered that the yellow indicator threads on the webbing of the leg straps were severed. The rigger felt that the damage was most likely due to the webbing rubbing against the hardware, although the hardware did not seem to have any rough edges or burrs and the webbing was clean and free from embedded debris. Needless to say, a failure of a leg strap during a skydive would have had catastrophic results. The damage rendered the harness-and-container system unairworthy, and the manufacturer stated that complete replacement of the leg straps and hardware was necessary before the rig could return to service.

This incident illustrates not only how important it is for riggers to do a full inspection of gear every time they do a repack, but also how important it is for jumpers to pay attention to detail and frequently and thoroughly inspect their gear in between repack cycles.

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