Keep an Eye Out | Sewn-On Slider Keepers
Keep An Eye Out | Aug 18, 2023
Keep an Eye Out | Sewn-On Slider Keepers

USPA Staff

Above: A sewn-on slider keeper can cause the main to remain attached after a cutaway.

A slider keeper holds a main canopy’s slider in place after the canopy opens, which prevents the slider from flapping around. In some cases, the skydiver has sewn the slider keeper directly to the rig. This is very dangerous and can have fatal consequences. If the jumper has a malfunction and needs to cut the main canopy away, it may remain attached to the rig because of the slider keeper. This can cause the reserve to entangle or open improperly. Some riggers now refuse to repack a reserve in a container with a slider keeper sewn to it.

A slider keeper should attach to the container with a hook-and-loop (Velcro) or snap closure that will detach easily during a cutaway. Jumpers with sewn-on slider keepers should replace them with models that detach easily.

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