Keep an Eye Out | Shrunken Kill Line
Keep An Eye Out | Oct 14, 2022
Keep an Eye Out | Shrunken Kill Line

USPA Staff

Photo above by Patrick Kessler.

Here is a good reminder to inspect your gear when you pack! This damage was caused by friction shrinking the pilot chute’s kill line over time, which consequently caused the apex of the pilot chute to repeatedly slam into the bridle attachment. This damage could have led to a pilot chute in tow. It’s a good idea to do everything in your power to lower the chances of encountering one of these scary, high-speed malfunctions.

Jumpers can lubricate their kill lines with silicone to slow the rate of shrinkage. For one that has already shrunk, a rigger can replace or extend it. A pilot chute with damage as extensive as the one shown should go to a rigger for immediate repair or replacement.

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