Making Memories—The 55th Annual Lost Prairie Boogie
Event News | Nov 14, 2022
Making Memories—The 55th Annual Lost Prairie Boogie

Mark Kirschenbaum

Above:From left: Lindsay Waters, Claire Badger, Elyssa Ruff and Julie Kleinwort are stoked after a Pink Mafia Sisterhood jump with the famous Barbie.

Meadow Peak Skydiving | August 6-14, 2022

Photos by Mark Kirschenbaum/Hypoxic


Tandem instructor Franck Eloffe exits with student Tony Farag during the boogie.


Danielle Grindle gives the horns over McGregor Lake.


A 17-way formation comes together over Lost Prairie.


Organizer Regan Tetlow (yellow) lays base for an 11-way formation.


Dan Blackwelder (left) touches Barry Shepherd’s toe during a 2-way freefly skydive.


Skydiving and sunshine make Evan Fossen and Marshal Van Ness very happy.


From left: Mark Ehrmantraut, Chazi Rutz and Barry Shepherd have a fantastic time over gorgeous Montana.


Spectators watch as Sean Horton lands a colorful eel.


A 7-way hybrid organized by Chazi Rutz forms over the drop zone.

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