PD Releases Sabre3
Gear & Industry Spotlight | Aug 01, 2020
PD Releases Sabre3

USPA Staff

On June 8, canopy manufacturer Performance Designs released its latest canopy, the Sabre3. The company stated, “Though the Sabre3 shares a lineage with two historically popular Performance Designs canopies, the Sabre and Sabre2, the designers began with a clean slate with the goal of creating the world’s next most popular canopy. They enhanced the qualities people loved most about the Sabre2 but minimized or eliminated those some found less desirable.” 

Performance Designs test jumper Brad Cole remarked, “The Sabre3 definitely has the range to be a great straight-in, no-wind, standard-landing-type canopy for a lower experience jumper. Or you can really push it and get some amazing flight performance out of it. It’s pretty much for the world. What we want as skydivers is a reliable canopy that is predictable on opening all the way through landing. It really is a beautiful wing.”

Performance Designs states that the Sabre3 is appropriate for novice through expert skydivers, depending on wing loading. The 9-cell, entirely zero-porosity-fabric wing is available in 89-, 97-, 107-, 120-, 135-, 150-, 170-, 190-, 210- and 230-square foot sizes. It retails for $2,500 and is available to demo through Performance Designs and its dealers. More information about the new canopy is available at performancedesigns.com.

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