World's First Twelve-Man Star
Homepage | May 24, 2018
World's First Twelve-Man Star

Jen Sharp

"High over the Taft, California drop zone cameraman Bob Allen shoots the world's first twelve-man star (with a 13-man hookup). Bob was filming with 16mm color and the above photograph is a reproduction of a frame of the movies. The twelve-man star included (but not in order of exit and/or hookup) Lyle Cameron (base man), Willard "Scratch" Garrison (pin man), John Rinard, Clark Fischer, Jim Dana, Louie Paproski, Clarice Garrison, Sam Alexander, Terry Ward, Bill Newell, Jerry Bird, and Brian Williams. Donna Wardean, one of the two female jumpers on the lift, was the thirteenth "man" in the hookup. Although not recorded on film, the same group performed a thirteen-man star on the very next jump! Attempts for a 15-man star are now being undertaken. The Taft group and their "competitor" group from Elsinore DZ will give exhibition jumps during the 1968 National Parachuting Championships in Marana, Arizona."

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