Maytown Hosts Fun Meet

By Cheryl Whitford

Five Minute Call | August 2018
Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Maytown Sport Parachute Club in Marietta, Pennsylvania, held its annual Fun Meet June 16. The competition included three rounds of accuracy landing in two classes, one round of 4-way speed formation skydiving scrambles and, for the first time, a blindfolded packing competition, which was very entertaining to watch.

Jeff Ethreidge, Randy Persi and Brandon Moore took first, second and third respectively in the over-200-jump accuracy class, while Caleb Longmire, Marc Thomas and Matt Waller took the honors in the under-200-jump class. The next day, Father’s Day, Longmire passed his gold medal on to his father for being a gold-medal dad. Ann Ross and John Stepanchak judged the accuracy events.

This year’s scrambles event, which in the past was scored from the ground by judges using binoculars, featured in-air video for the first time. However, the rules specified no rejumps for camera problems, and one team suffered that penalty. Competitors Jesse Cisney, Joe Havrilla, Terry Ross and Shawn Upole took first place. In the blindfolded packing contest, John Miller took first, Brandon Moore took second, and Josh Schlaline took third. Miller initially scored in second place, but he jumped his pack job, which improved his score.

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