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National Director Al King Steps Down After Decades of Service   (Mar 2023) Parachutist Industry News Homepage USPA
Rating Corner | Emergency Procedure Proficiency   (Mar 2023) Safety & Training The Rating Corner
STAR Struck! Jump Run Assist Wins Top Honors at 2023 STAR Awards   (Mar 2023) Industry News Homepage USPA
Back-tracking | Photo by Mike McGowan | D-5709   (Mar 2023) People Featured Photos
Andy Malchiodi | D-28016 By Brian Giboney   (Mar 2023) People Profiles
March 2023 Cover   (Mar 2023) Featured Photos Covers

Photo by Norman Kent | D-8369

Megan Whiteside and Ryan Blunk sit-fly over the shimmering tropical water at the Puerto Escondido New Year’s Boogie hosted by Skydive Cuautla in Mexico.

Centerspread   (Mar 2023) Featured Photos Centerspread

Maxine Tate of the Highlight Pro Skydiving Team performs a demo jump onto Jacksonville Beach in Florida during the Super Girl Surf Pro surfing event. 

The Biggest Little City—The 2023 Winter USPA Board of Directors Meeting   (Feb 2023) Event News Industry News Homepage USPA
USPA Seeks New Eastern Regional Director   (Feb 2023) Industry News Homepage USPA
Safety Check | Community Responsibility   (Feb 2023) Safety & Training Safety Check
USPA Seeks Web Application Developer   (Feb 2023) Industry News Homepage USPA
Join Us for the 2023 USPA Winter Board Meeting   (Feb 2023) Event News Industry News Homepage USPA
Ask a Rigger | May a Rigger Resize My Harness?   (Feb 2023) Safety & Training Ask A Rigger
Keep an Eye Out | Brake-Line Terminal Knots   (Feb 2023) Safety & Training Keep An Eye Out