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Ask a Rigger | May I Pack My Reserve if a Rigger Supervises Me?   (Sep 2023) Safety & Training Ask A Rigger
Follow the 2023 USPA National Championships September 1-30!   (Sep 2023) Top News Competition Homepage USPA
Centerspread September 2023   (Sep 2023) Featured Photos Centerspread

After working hard all day in 105-degree heat to put on the Summer Sky Rave event at Skydive Perris in California, organizers (from left) Danny Kraus, Lisa Walker, Max Heidari and Josh Fisher cool off with a jump from an A-Star helicopter.

September 2023   (Sep 2023) Featured Photos Covers

Photo by Ioannis Vlachiotis | D-31871

Widi Susilo flies his canopy over an umbrella-covered beach near Denpasar, Bali, during the Jump in Paradise Boogie.

Matt Yount | D-27920   (Sep 2023) People Profiles
U.S. Teams Triumph at World Cups!   (Aug 2023) Competition Homepage USPA
Soaring SISterhood   (Aug 2023) Event News
Safety Check | After an AAD Activation   (Aug 2023) Safety & Training Safety Check
Wingsuiters Set Ohio State Records   (Aug 2023) Competition Records
U.S. Teams Compete at FAI World Cups   (Aug 2023) Competition
Keep an Eye Out | Sewn-On Slider Keepers   (Aug 2023) Safety & Training Keep An Eye Out
Tales from the Bonfire | What I Wish I Knew About Concussions Sooner   (Aug 2023) People Tales from the Bonfire
The Aloha Spirit Thrives!   (Aug 2023) Industry News Homepage USPA
That’s How We Roll: Ankle Injuries in Skydiving   (Aug 2023) Safety & Training
How Skydiving Changed My Life | Paying It Forward   (Aug 2023) People How Skydiving Changed My Life
Rising to the Challenge   (Aug 2023) Competition Records
What’s Your Excuse?   (Aug 2023) Safety & Training