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Rating Corner | Do You Need a Certificate of Authorization for Your Demo Jump?   (Jan 2023) Safety & Training The Rating Corner
Safety Check | Pilot Chute in Tow   (Jan 2023) Safety & Training Safety Check
Star Awards Deadline Quickly Approaching   (Jan 2023) Gear & Industry Spotlight Homepage USPA
Texans Set a True State Record   (Jan 2023) Records Industry News Five Minute Call
Keep an Eye Out | Short Toggle Keeper   (Jan 2023) Safety & Training Keep An Eye Out
Tough Turkeys Flock Over Moab   (Jan 2023) Industry News Five Minute Call
Mr. Douglas Flies Again   (Jan 2023) Industry News
Weather Woes Can’t Dampen the Spirit of Collegiates   (Jan 2023) Competition Homepage USPA
How Skydiving Changed My Life | Sharing the Love   (Jan 2023) People How Skydiving Changed My Life
January 2023 Cover   (Jan 2023) Featured Photos Covers

Photo by Ewan Cowie | D-37889

Eighty jumpers set the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale Women’s World Record for Largest Head-Down Formation Skydive during the Project 19 Women’s Vertical World Record event at Skydive Arizona in Eloy.

Centerspread   (Jan 2023) Featured Photos Centerspread

During the 2022 Witches Boogie hosted by USPA International Affiliate Skydive Cuautla in Mexico, (from front) Jeimi Cardoza, Roberta Mancino, Edgar Pardo and Arnoldo Ortiz launch a train exit.

Anemometer | Something for Everyone   (Jan 2023) Anemometer
Back-Tracking | Dennis Hayes and Accuracy   (Jan 2023) Featured Photos
Stephen Hatzistefanidis | D-35113   (Jan 2023) People Profiles
CSC Jumpers Act Like Kids Again   (Dec 2022) Event News
Collegiates Kicks Off at Eloy!   (Dec 2022) Parachutist Competition Homepage USPA
Elsinore Hosts 21st Chicks Rock Boogie   (Dec 2022) Parachutist Event News