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The Canopy Task Force Presents: Stay Alive, Practice Five   (Mar 2024) Safety & Training Homepage USPA
La Réunion (And It Feels So Good)   (Mar 2024) People Tales from the Bonfire
Help a Pilot Out   (Mar 2024) Features Safety & Training
Centerspread   (Mar 2024) Featured Photos Centerspread

The SkyTrash Wingsuit Team (from top: Ivan Raibal, Karim Wanis, Michael Washburn, Isak Opedal and Alex Stont) flies over the Skydive Dubai Desert Campus in the United Arab Emirates.

March 2024 Cover   (Mar 2024) Featured Photos Covers

Photo by Norman Kent | D-8369

From front: Heidi Miguel Perez, Cathy Leone and Chris Guminski fly a train over Playa Zicatela during the Puerto Escondido New Year’s Beach Boogie hosted by International Affiliate Skydive Cuautla in Mexico.

Jesse Weyher | D-33351   (Mar 2024) People Profiles
Let’s Talk About … Innhopps   (Feb 2024) Features
Keep an Eye Out | Loose Pop-Top   (Feb 2024) Safety & Training Keep An Eye Out
Ask a Rigger | What’s Up with These Rubber Bands?   (Feb 2024) Safety & Training Ask A Rigger
A Night of Bait-and-Switch   (Feb 2024) People Tales from the Bonfire
Rating Corner | Canopy Education Projects   (Feb 2024) Safety & Training The Rating Corner
Skydiving on the Spectrum   (Feb 2024) People
Safety Check | Belly First   (Feb 2024) Safety & Training Safety Check
SDC Summerfest Contest Raises More Than $6,000 for USPTTF   (Feb 2024) Industry News Homepage USPA
Centerspread February 2024   (Feb 2024) Featured Photos Centerspread

Izzy Bucsko’s father, John Bucsko (right), makes a jump in his daughter’s memory with Yanni Lee at Skydive Arizona in Eloy.

February 2024 Cover   (Feb 2024) Featured Photos Covers


Photo by Javier Ortiz | D-28774

Canopy pilots perform a vertical flock using only Performance Designs Valkyrie canopies during the Operation VK event at Skydive City Zephyrhills in Florida.

Yuliya Pangburn | D-29142   (Feb 2024) People Profiles