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Rising to the Challenge   (Aug 2023) Competition Records
What’s Your Excuse?   (Aug 2023) Safety & Training
Centerspread | August 2023   (Aug 2023) Featured Photos Centerspread

Jaime Miller (left) and George Grove perform a 2-way swoop of the pond during the 4th of July Boogie at Skydive Cross Keys in Williamstown, New Jersey.

August 2023 Cover   (Aug 2023) Featured Photos Covers

Photo by Niklas Daniel | D-28906

Michael Brewer makes a speed skydiving training jump at Skydive Arizona in Eloy.

Shauna Finley | D-34907   (Aug 2023) People Profiles
Gaining Perspective   (Jul 2023) People How Skydiving Changed My Life
Women Set Virginia Head-Down Record During SIS Event   (Jul 2023) Competition Records
The Summer 2023 USPA Board of Directors Meeting   (Jul 2023) Industry News Homepage USPA
Dan BC 4-Way FS Webinar   (Jul 2023) Competition
Ask A Rigger | Should I Get Leg-Pad Covers?   (Jul 2023) Safety & Training Ask A Rigger
Watch USPA's Call-to-Action Video Here   (Jul 2023) Industry News Homepage USPA

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One Step to a Bad Day: Step-Throughs and Flip-Throughs A Parachutist Infographic   (Jul 2023) Safety & Training
Join Us for the Summer 2023 USPA Board Meeting   (Jul 2023) Industry News Homepage USPA
Keep an Eye Out | Reserve Flaps   (Jul 2023) Safety & Training Keep An Eye Out
Tales from the Bonfire | Behind the Shot   (Jul 2023) People Tales from the Bonfire
Safety Check | The Chest Strap   (Jul 2023) Safety & Training Safety Check
American Spirit   (Jul 2023) Featured Photos
Angie Aragon Elected USPA National Director   (Jul 2023) Industry News Homepage USPA
July 2023 Cover   (Jul 2023) Featured Photos Covers

Photo by Joseph Thomas | D-41250

Katie Murabito (center) grips Mace Weaver’s arm as they exit along with Yanni Lee (right) and Wayne Davis at Skydive Arizona in Eloy.