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May 1990 Cover   (May 1990) Featured Photos Covers

Mike Allen, D-10180, caught Shelly Jones in a freestyle T over the Air Adventures Florida DZ in Clewiston.  She is the daughter of Bill and Kay Jones, who operate the DZ, the site of last winter's U.S. Collegiate National Skydiving Championships.  This is the second PARACHUTIST cover shot at Clewiston; the last one appeared in March, 1988.

April 1990 Cover   (Apr 1990) Featured Photos Covers

Dave Keith, D-5441, provided this shot of Cathy Conklin and James Hulse going floater for a load out of DC-3 "Our Douglas" over Hulse's house in Santa Maria, CA.  Eleven jumpers built a round for the back-yard demo.

March 1990 Cover   (Mar 1990) Featured Photos Covers

Andrzej Jesmanowicz, D-9978, followed this CRW maneuver building over the Wisconsin Skydivers DZ in Menominee Falls, WI.  The group, led by Mike Mayotte, was attempting a "five-by-side," and according to Jezmanowicz, "came pretty close."  They expect to try again this season.

February 1990 Cover   (Feb 1990) Featured Photos Covers

Jamie Paul provided this winterscape featuring the new kids on the CRW block, Quantum Leap, practicing over the Archway Parachute Center in Sparta, IL.  The team clobbered some of the perennial winners to place second during U.S. Team tryouts at Clewiston, FL over the Christmas and New Year's holiday.

January 1990 Cover   (Jan 1990) Featured Photos Covers

Tom Sanders, D-6503, caught an unidentified jumper a few hundred feet above the desert during a spectacular sunset at Skydive Arizona in Coolidge.

December 1989 Cover   (Dec 1989) Featured Photos Covers

Michelle Byrd (right), age 10 of Mesquite, TX, contributed this month's cover, entitled "My Momma's First 4-Stack, Almost."  The PARACHUTIST staff selected her art from among dozens of other responses to a call for children's cover art in the August issue.  Many of the staff's favorites appear in this month's center spread.  Michelle is picutred here with her sister, Stephanie, age 6 and their mother, Kim, C-19512.

November 1989 Cover   (Nov 1989) Featured Photos Covers

Gus Wing, D-7117, was over the SkyDance DZ in Davis, CA to film this "room dive" organized by Bungee Wallace during the Wilbury Invitational held there on August 18-20.

October 1989 Cover   (Oct 1989) Featured Photos Covers

Steve Wood, D-11234, caught some jumpers boogieing through a valley of clouds over the 20th Annual Pig Roast and Heathen Reunion at the Greene County Sport Parachute Center in Bardstown, KY July 21-23.  The meet was supported by the center's Beaver, its Cessna and Mike Mullins' Helio Stallion which flew 134 jumpers on 50 loads.

September 1989 Cover   (Sep 1989) Featured Photos Covers

John Herring, of Paragraphics, designed the logo for this year's Nationals.  It was borrowed from Harold McElfish, who used it years ago in advertising for his Dallas, TX equipment company.

August 1989 Cover   (Aug 1989) Featured Photos Covers

Kevin McCann, D-10018, caught Ron Huffmaster spiraling down over the Gulf of Mexico during an invitational boogie organized by Rick and Donna Wynn June 9-11 at Sugarloaf Key, FL.  Dan Haggarty provided his Twin Beech for almost 70 skydivers from various DZs around the state and as far north as Massachussetts.

July 1989 Cover   (Jul 1989) Featured Photos Covers

Andrjez Jezmanowicz, D-9978, got this shot of Jack Witt, Mike Meyer, Mike Mayotte and Scott Matenaer of the Sky People canopy relative work team over Milwaukee, WI.

June 1989 Cover   (Jun 1989) Featured Photos Covers

Robert Tomany, D-9376, caught this of his sister Nancy right after her first jump in tandem with Richard Linden over the Seagoville, TX drop zone.

May 1989 Cover   (May 1989) Featured Photos Covers

Greg Miklasiewicz, C-12423, of Fairfax, VA, captured this classic of a competition landing at this year's U.S. Para-Ski Nationals.  This year, he went to observe; next year, he says he'll compete.

April 1989 Cover   (Apr 1989) Featured Photos Covers

Jumpers from Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisana fly a 10-way star over the Mississippi River.  Photographer Steve Wood, D-11234, took this shot during a Helio Stallion Boogie over the West Memphis, AK DZ last March.

March 1989 Cover   (Mar 1989) Featured Photos Covers

Denny Gainor (known to his many friends as Bear) set this shot of himself up from a boom attached to the basket of a balloon over Southern California.  Gainor jumps with the California Aerial Performance Parachute Team.

February 1989 Cover   (Feb 1989) Featured Photos Covers

Mike McGowan captures the graceful and daring Sandra Williams suspended on a trapeze below her teammate Marsha Buckentin.  The two Floridians perform with the Misty Blues skydiving exhibition team nationwide.  According to Buckentin, how to perform the trapeze trick is a "team secret."

January 1989 Cover   (Jan 1989) Featured Photos Covers

Brian LeSchander, D-10442, snapped this photo of Jerry Kessler, D-5192, on a dead center approach during an accuracy and RW meet at the Rochester, NY Skydivers DZ.

December 1988 Cover   (Dec 1988) Featured Photos Covers

Leo Dickinson of Griswold, England took this picture of jumpers leaving from a Casa 212 over Spain.  Courtesy: British Parachute Association.

November 1988 Cover   (Nov 1988) Featured Photos Covers

Michigan skydiver, pilot and stained glass artist Patte Alsterberg originally conceived this month's cover design as a glass etching to commemorate skydiving's role in the 1988 Summer Olympics.

October 1988 Cover   (Oct 1988) Featured Photos Covers

Thomas Adamski provided this photo of his friends Chapin Strickland, D-10158, and Patty Kerns, D-10652, joining freestyle Ts over Northampton, MA.