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September 1988 Cover   (Sep 1988) Featured Photos Covers

Kim Llewellyn is a graphic designer and sculptor working in New York City.  She is the designer of this year's Nationals and Para-ski logos.  A USPA member, Kim completed her AFF training in April, 1988 and now has 70 jumps.

August 1988 Cover   (Aug 1988) Featured Photos Covers

Paul Landry, D-5684, supplied us with this shot of Gus Evans, D-6065, (white canopy, bottom of the top triplane) celebrating his 2000th jump with a triplane diamond over Lodi, CA.  Each triplane is piloted by a member of 1987's CRW champion 4-way sequential team, Slam Factor.

July 1988 Cover   (Jul 1988) Featured Photos Covers

Mike McGowan, D-5709, submitted this point of view of Brigitte Hallett, D-9375, (foreground), and Mike Raible, D-5495, exiting the Freefall Express Twin Otter in formation with DC-3 Mr. Douglas and the Pilatus Porter Turbo Mingo over Skydive DeLand, FL.  (See story on page 22.)

June 1988 Cover   (Jun 1988) Featured Photos Covers

Jan Davis, D-11120, Cathy Conklin, D-9073, and Gary Wirth, D-8986, frolic in an azure Illinois sky before the camera of frequent cover contributor Tom Sanders, D-6503.

May 1988 Cover   (May 1988) Featured Photos Covers

Bob Tomany, D-9376, USPA's official photograher for the 1988 Para-ski Nationals, caught this shot of a competitior shooting accuracy in the snow.  Tomany overwhelmed headquarters with ninety 8 x 10 magnificent color prints that he individually processed, over 400 more on proofsheets and two rolls worth of black-and-white snapshots.  His fine contribution can be futher explored in the accompanying report beginning on page 38.

April 1988 Cover   (Apr 1988) Featured Photos Covers

Long-time contributing photographer Gus Wing, D-7117, submitted this photo of Mike Vordo, D-9792, under canopy over the Orange, VA drop zone.  Wing was also a contributor to the "Tunnel Boogie" event featured in this issue, beginning on page 36.

March 1988 Cover   (Mar 1988) Featured Photos Covers

John Hagdorn of Lauderdale Lakes, FL snapped this photograph of Chieko Alford alighting in the peas at Air Adventures in Clewiston, FL.  This was one of the many excellent shots submitted to the 1987 Photoshootist contest.

February 1988 Cover   (Feb 1988) Featured Photos Covers

Peter Degerfeldt of Sweden, featured in last month's issue of PARACHUTIST for his descent by parachute from Mt. Everest, is also the winner of the 1987 Parashootist Photo Contest in the air-to-air category.  Degerfeldt wins a complete new skydiving system for this shot of himself exiting a Pitts Special biplane piloted by Orvar Bergvall.  More contest winners are featured in this issue, beginning on page 16.

January 1988 Cover   (Jan 1988) Featured Photos Covers

Simon Ward, a professional photographer and skydiver from Great Britain, submitted this shot of the British Royal Marine CRW Team.  Well known in his native land and in Europe, Ward was one of several photographers who covered the world record 126-way in Belgium last year.  He has also contributed to USPA's annual calendar for the last two years.

December 1987 Cover   (Dec 1987) Featured Photos Covers

Keith Eisberg was among the U.S. contingent at the World Championships of Relative Work in Brazil in late September.  His cover photograph shows the gold medal winning U.S. 8-way team transitioning between two of their record-setting 131 points.  Below the Golden Knights is Rio Iguacu, which forms the border between Brazil and Argentina.

November 1987 Cover   (Nov 1987) Featured Photos Covers

Tom Sanders was part of the American contingent which visited Seoul, South Korea for the World Cup of Champions in late September.  This shot was taken by Sanders during one of the practice RW demonstration jumps into the Olympic Stadium, which will be the site of many of next year's Summer Olympic events.  More details on the South Korea trip appear in the At Presstime section on page 30.

October 1987 Cover   (Oct 1987) Featured Photos Covers

Norman Kent filmed this truly breathtaking shot over Key Largo, FL for his upcoming film "From Wings Came Flight."  The color-coordinated sequence is one of the several done by a group of jumpers known as the "Dream Team" headed by Guy Manos.  Their jumps in Florida, California and Mexico will form much, though by no means all, of the footage in the film.

September 1987 Cover   (Sep 1987) Featured Photos Covers

On our cover this month are two emblems, the larger one of the 1987 National Skydiving Championships which are featured in this issue in stories and articles and another which commemorates the 30th anniversary of USPA and the Parachute Club of America.

August 1987 Cover   (Aug 1987) Featured Photos Covers

Tom Sanders grabs the action on film as B.J. Worth doubles for James Bond and Jake Lombard (with knife) plays the part of the evil Necros in the upcoming 007 film "The Living Daylights."  Worth's story on how the complex stunts required by the script were filmed begins on page 18.

July 1987 Cover   (Jul 1987) Featured Photos Covers

Dave Flanagan got this shot of a 20-way sequential dive during the Memorial Day boogie at the Spaceland drop zone near Houston, TX.  Flanagan, 34, is relatively new to the freefall photography game; he's got just over 400 jumps, 150 of which have been with a camera.  He also takes stills and movies underwater.  Monday through Friday he's a research scientist at the Johnson Space Center where he's working on the space station project.

June 1987 Cover   (Jun 1987) Featured Photos Covers

The classic student-in-tow nightmare was recreated for the cameras of Leo Dickinson, co-conspirator with Pete Reynolds on the continuing Wally Gubbins project. (See story, this issue.)  Dickinson, a native of England, has made 54 television documentaries since his first one in 1970.  The inset photo is of Gregory Robertson, who saved an unconscious fellow jumper by pulling her reserve ripcord.  (See related story.)

May 1987 Cover   (May 1987) Featured Photos Covers

Cover photo by Lynn Scheer.

April 1987 Cover   (Apr 1987) Featured Photos Covers

Mike McGowan, D-5709, was hanging outside one of Skydive Arizona's Twin Beeches when he took this shot of a multi-plane formation exit on one of the 64-way diamond attempts in Coolidge, AZ at the end of last year.  More large diamond attempts are scheduled in both Arizona and Florida over Easter.

March 1987 Cover   (Mar 1987) Featured Photos Covers

Norman Kent submitted this photo of the Four N Legion Team—Jeff Barbani, Abadulaziz Ojjeh, Joe Nepute and Tom Piras—over Lapalisse, France where they finished third at the French Open Championships in August of last year.

February 1987 Cover   (Feb 1987) Featured Photos Covers

Frequent PARACHUTIST contributor Gus Wing, like several other freefall photographers, traveled a lot last year, keeping his camera pointed at several world record large RW formation attempts.  He brought back this photo from British Columbia where some 12 tries at the first 100-way formation fell just short of success.  The 100-way barrier was broken in Muskogee the following month, but that record stood for less than 30 days before the 120-way in Quincy, IL  established the current mark.