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April 1985 Cover   (Apr 1985) Featured Photos Covers

European photographer Max Dereta was there to get this shot of a canopy stack forming high above the clouds over Texel, Holland.  The shot first appeared in Heinz Fischer's Skydiver Magazine.  For an American skydiving couple's view of skydiving in Europe, see the story by Dennis and Anne Worden on page 23.

March 1985 Cover   (Mar 1985) Featured Photos Covers

Gus Wing brought back this shot of his wife Kemper on a demo the couple performed into the University of Virginia football stadium in Charlottesville, VA.  The occasion was the Virginia Cavaliers/Maryland Terrapins football game.

February 1985 Cover   (Feb 1985) Featured Photos Covers

Tanya Stringham, D-7121, leaned out the window of Bill Dause's DC-3 to get this exit shot of the Dead Meat 10-way team during the Best of the West meet at the Lodi, CA DZ.  Although reigning national champions of the 10-way event, Dead Meat was beaten by The Clutch at the Best of the West competition.

December 1984 Cover   (Dec 1984) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Lou Bottoms caught Florida jumper Kathy Embrey following a stream of other jumpers after an exit from the Mr. Douglas DC-3 at the DeLand, FL drop zone earlier this year.  The jumps culminated in a women's world record 48-way formation.

November 1984 Cover   (Nov 1984) Featured Photos Covers

Martin Klett, D-7827, took this shot of Connie Murphy, Dennis Hendrick and Steve Johnson hamming it up over the Perris Valley drop zone in California.  According to Murphy, "Skydiving can be many things to us, but one thing's for sure...It's fun."

October 1984 Cover   (Oct 1984) Featured Photos Covers

The frost may not be on the pumpkin just yet, but autumn has already arrived in certain parts of the courntry, like the White Mountain Parachute Center in Moultonboro, NH for example.  Welcoming the arrival of fall and the season of witches, goblins and jack o'lanterns are George Ireland with his pal Chumly.  According to photograher Bruce Therrien, "The jump went as planned and was uneventful until landing when Chumly sustained minor injuries."  Chumly's make-up by Lisa.

September 1984 Cover   (Sep 1984) Featured Photos Covers

Commercial artist Guy MacLachlan, C-10352, was again commissioned by USPA for the official 1984 Nationals emblem that appears on the cover of this month's issue of PARACHUTIST.  (He designed the 1983 emblem as well.)  MacLachlan's design also appears on the official 1984 Nationals T-shirts, available from the USPA store.

August 1984 Cover   (Aug 1984) Featured Photos Covers

Jerry Goodsell, D-7631, used the dramatic scenery outside of Logan, UT, for a backdrop for this month's cover.  Goodsell's brother Lynn, Dave Rigby and Kelly Campbell are the happy models.  "We don't have a lot of big planes around here so they're not million-mans or anything but we do have some good scenery," says Goodsell, who started jumping when he was 16.

July 1984 Cover   (Jul 1984) Featured Photos Covers

Alex Barnes, D-6466, Dan Gillespie, D-7032, and Mike Williams, D-7266, ride a 3-stack over the DZ in Orange VA.  One of many drop zones around the country currently experiencing problems with neighbors, the Orange DZ is operating under a temporary permit.

June 1984 Cover   (Jun 1984) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Norman Kent has been a busy and well-traveled jumper recently.  He shot this month's cover—showing his wife Diana, fellow photographer Pedro Barroeta and members of the Chinese Team over Acapulco, Mexico—during the Pan Am Parachuting Championships and First International Open Cup of Parachuting in Uruapan.  Not too long thereafter, Kent was in DeLand, FL where he shot video and stills of the 90-way formation built at the end of DeLand's Easter Boogie.

May 1984 Cover   (May 1984) Featured Photos Covers

Gus Wing, D-7117, was one of four jumpers to make a demo into Virginia Polytechnical Institute in Blacksburg, VA as part of a pre-game show for the football game against Virginia Military Institute.  Pictured are Phil Matthews, Buzz Connor and Tinker Hillman over VPI's Lane Stadium.

April 1984 Cover   (Apr 1984) Featured Photos Covers

John Rodgers of San Diego, CA is a graphic artist and illustrator with more than 10 years' experience in the field.  This painting, entitled "Shuttle Jump," was inspired by Rodgers' interest in space and his friendship with Randy Forbes, B-9040, an avid skydiver.  "Both Randy and I were delighted to see Michael Carroll's 'Skydivers Over Jupiter' in PARACHUTIST...when I saw (it) I thought to myself...perfect, now I can bring that same sort of felling a little closer to home."

March 1984 Cover   (Mar 1984) Featured Photos Covers

Frequent PARACHUTIST contributor Tom Sanders captured this month's cover photo of David Altenberg descending through a quiet and colorful sunset at the San Diego Air Sports DZ in California.

February 1984 Cover   (Feb 1984) Featured Photos Covers

Craig Fronk got the top cover picture of teammates Kent Lane, Dave Wilds, Irv Callahan and Mike Sheerin.  The fivesome, with only a few practice dives together, nonetheless managed to bring home a silver medal in the 4-way event at the World Championships of Relative Work in South Africa, Dec. 9-19.

Team Leader Dona Reilly took the picture of the U.S. 8-way Team that took home not only the gold medal, but a world record as well.  Standing left to right are Mike Sheerin, Dave Wilds, Kent Lane, Scott Meek and Irv Callahan; kneeling are Danny Peters, Mike Parnell and Craig Fronk.  Not pictured are team members Ken Crabtree and Mike Gennis.

January 1984 Cover   (Jan 1984) Featured Photos Covers

Jack Tillitson, D-8539, leaves a Stearman biplane piloted and owned by Craig Bliss over Weiser Airpark in Houston, TX.  Ron Cole, D-8530, was the man behind the camera who grabbed this shot from a World War II vintage "Birddog" chase plane with a zoom lens.  Cole is an obstetrician and gynecologist in Raytown, TX.

December 1983 Cover   (Dec 1983) Featured Photos Covers

Robert McQuilkin took this photo of an unidentified jumper over Innsbruck, Austria during a U.S. Ski Association presentation.  McQuilkin, who has made some seven jumps ("The club went defunct but I'm a great admirer of the sport," he says) is a photo-journalist from Wheaton, IL specializing in adventure sports.  His photos have been published in the New York Times, Field and Stream, Ski, Backpacker, Outside and other similar publications.

November 1983 Cover   (Nov 1983) Featured Photos Covers

Mike Swain, D-2078, took this self-portrait over Florida with the help of photographers John Cloud and Dick Dickinson (non-jumpers who are "very successful with mounting cameras in unusual places," according to Swain) and a motorized Nikon with an extreme wide-angle 8mm lens.  Swain is the director of photography and vice president of Hack Swain Productions, a motion picture studio in Sarasota, FL and has been a member of USPA for 15 years.

October 1983 Cover   (Oct 1983) Featured Photos Covers

Gus Wing, D-7117, caught this exit shot of Linda Walczak, Martha Scott and Kathy Embrey and photograher Rick Snow leaving the Firestone DC-3 during a women's world record attempt at Palatka, FL last May.  Although this 32-way attempt was unsuccessful, another one attempted at Freeport, IL in August was, and has been submitted to world parachuting authorities for official recognition (see Paragrams, page 6).

September 1983 Cover   (Sep 1983) Featured Photos Covers

Commercial artist Guy MacLachlan, C-10352, of Oceanside, CA was commissioned by USPA for the official 1983 Nationals emblem that appears on this month's cover.  MacLachlan's design also appears on the offical Nationals T-shirt, an order form for which is on page 11 of this issue.

August 1983 Cover   (Aug 1983) Featured Photos Covers

Tom Sanders rigged up a camera on a boom to get this shot of him and Mike Quinn leaving a hot-air balloon piloted by Dave Dickson over Southern California.  Sanders was gathering video footage for a JVC film on video use in air sports.