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July 1983 Cover   (Jul 1983) Featured Photos Covers

Don Caltvedt got this shot of James Bond (Jake Lombard, doubling for actor Roger Moore) and the evil Gobinda (B.J. Worth) battling it out atop a Beechcraft as a Helio-Porter chase plane films for the movie "Octopussy."  For more on how Worth, Lombard and others put the sequence together, see this month's story on page 19.

June 1983 Cover   (Jun 1983) Featured Photos Covers

April 4, 1983: Shuttle Launch

Norman Kent of Los Angeles traveled across the country Easter week to cover the invitational 72-way meet in DeLand, FL (see story, page 25).  The day after the meet, Monday, April 4, Kent got this shot of a group of jumpers over DeLand with the space shuttle Challenger blasting off in the background from Cape Kennedy.

May 1983 Cover   (May 1983) Featured Photos Covers

Eric Vickery of Bedford, MA, got this shot of an accuracy run during competition at the 1983 National Para-ski Championships at Gore Mountain in upstate New York.  More of Vickery's shots—along with the story and results from the meet—begin on page 27 of this issue of PARACHUTIST.

April 1983 Cover   (Apr 1983) Featured Photos Covers

Craig Fronk snapped this shot of the Divine Dragons skydiving team of Taiwan making a demo jump together with the U.S. 4-way team into Taiwan Stadium before some 25,000 spectators.  For more on the U.S. Team's historic trip, see Fronk's story, which begins on page 19.

March 1983 Cover   (Mar 1983) Featured Photos Covers

Kevin Donnelly takes in the view of the Grand Canyon from the top wing of a Stearman biplane during filming for the movie "Flyers."  See page 25 for Donnelly's story on how a special airplane-to-airplane transfer stunt for the movie was successfully pulled off.

February 1983 Cover   (Feb 1983) Featured Photos Covers

Gus Wing, D-7117, caught this shot of the Tubesteak Boogie group forming a 24-way donut flake over Brooksville, FL at sunset.  Wing jumps regularly at the Orange drop zone in Charlottesville, VA.

January 1983 Cover   (Jan 1983) Featured Photos Covers

Doug Sayre, D-7967, mounted his helmet camera backwards to catch this shot of Chuck Prodey exiting a C-180 over the Pelicanland DZ in Ridgely, MD.  Sayre works extensively with the Accelerated Freefall program at Pelicanland, shooting video and stills of AFF students. as well as shooting fun jumpers.

December 1982 Cover   (Dec 1982) Featured Photos Covers

Dave Waterman of the British Parachute Association captured Geoff Sanders and Rob Colpus in a stack over the Swiss Alps near St. Moritz.  The jumps were part of a television production for Milk Tray chocolates.

November 1982 Cover   (Nov 1982) Featured Photos Covers

Perhaps using a Navy LST for a jump platform isn't the same as leaping out of a DC-3 at 12,500 feet but Phil Murdoch and photographer John Noak, D-6410, figured it was the best they could do at the time.  Noak shot the photo during survival training for Air Force personnel in Biscayne Bay south of Miami, FL.

October 1982 Cover   (Oct 1982) Featured Photos Covers

Steven G. Fisher, C-9705, caught this shot of the Jumpstreet CRW team members Vince Bizzarro, Terry O'Malley, Tom Morris and Bill Kowalski in front of the Ben Franklin Bridge which spans the Delaware River to link Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  The jump was a benefit for handicapped children.

September 1982 Cover   (Sep 1982) Featured Photos Covers

Commerical artist Chuck Prodey, D-4444, provided the illustration used as the officIal emblem for the 1982 National Skydiving Championships.  the emblem, combined with Gus Wing's color shot from last year's World Meet, provides the cover for this montH's issue of PARACHUTIST.

August 1982 Cover   (Aug 1982) Featured Photos Covers

Clarence R. "Butch" Thorne, a free-lance graphic specialist from Washington, D.C. created this month's cover design to symbolize the long history of the Parachtue Club of America and its successor, today's United States Parachute Association.  PCA's emblem—the "triangle" so familiar to old-time jumpers—was based on a sketch found in the notebook of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), who visualized a way to get man down out of the sky before man had learned to get up.  Da Vinci neither built nor tested his design.  Surrounded by a freefall formation is today's familiar USPA wings emblem.  Artist Thorne, 36, also designed the very popular 1980 and 1981 National Championships emblems—all without ever making a jump himself.  "And I have no plans, either," he says.

July 1982 Cover   (Jul 1982) Featured Photos Covers

Gus Wing, D-7117, a frequent contributor to PARACHUTIST, supplied this cover shot of Karen Milliken, D-5984, exiting the DC-3 Mr. Douglas over Palatka, FL.  Gus also supplied the color photos for the feature story on funnels on page 22.

June 1982 Cover   (Jun 1982) Featured Photos Covers

Gus Mattia caught this shot of George and Harriet McCulloch, one of the most unique teams in skydiving today.  Mattia's story about the McCullochs appears on page 17 of this issue.

May 1982 Cover   (May 1982) Featured Photos Covers

Erick Vickery of Bedford, MA caught this shot of the Golden Knights opening the 1982 National Para-ski Championships in Great Barrington, MA.  (Story on page 19).  The Knights choreographed the demo perfectly—they touched down just as the last notes of the National Anthem sounded.

April 1982 Cover   (Apr 1982) Featured Photos Covers

From the "Please Release Me, Let Me Go" department comes this photo of Jorma Oster and what's left of his canopy, being dropped from a tri-plane over Malmi Airport in Helsinki, Finland  Oster used a Nikon camera with a wide-angle lens mounted on his leg to get the photo.  Oster, 28, has about 700 jumps, most of them with a camera, and is editor of Finland's "Laskuvarjourhirlu" parachuting magazine.

March 1982 Cover   (Mar 1982) Featured Photos Covers

John Noak, D-6410, caught this shot of Clay Muse, Harry Becker and others flooding out the door of a Twin Beech over Coolidge, AZ.

February 1982 Cover   (Feb 1982) Featured Photos Covers

Pattie Gillespie caught Joy Burtis landing on the bow of the 65-foot yacht Shaman in Lake Union near Seattle, WA on her 1,000th jump.  Jumps of this nature can be very tricky and must be made in accordance with USPA's Basic Safety Regulations.  In addition, they should also conform with USPA Part 113, Doctrine, Water Jumps; and USPA Part 118, Doctrine, Demonstration Jumps.

January 1982 Cover   (Jan 1982) Featured Photos Covers

Gus Wing, D-7117, took this sunset photo of the Perris Valley CReW team at the World Meet Boogie.  Gus, a regular jumper in Orange, VA, is currently residing in Zephyrhills, FL.

December 1981 Cover   (Dec 1981) Featured Photos Covers

U.S. Parachute Team photographer Jim Baker caught this shot of Glenn Bangs, Mark Gabriel and Bob Finn of the U.S. 4-way Team lined up on 40-Tango for a practice exit shortly before their gold medal finish in the World Parachuting Championships.  Not pictured is the fourth member of the team, Andy Gerber (who is inside the aircraft).  This month's story on the World Meet, and the U.S. Team's gold sweep, begins on page 15.