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January 1987 Cover   (Jan 1987) Featured Photos Covers

Mike McGowan, D-5709, got this shot at the 1986 Turkey Meet in Zephyrhills, FL.  McGowan headed a team of a dozen freefall photographers who provided air-to-air video coverage; their tapes were used to judge all four events.  More information and final results of the meet appear in this month's At Presstime section.

December 1986 Cover   (Dec 1986) Featured Photos Covers

The ranks of skydivers have always included celebrities: professional football players, TV actresses, state politicians.  But this month's cover shows someone of far greater stature touching down with Bill Booth after his first jump: Ron Reagan, the President's son.  Details of Ron's jumps for the "Good Morning America" TV show are on page 17; the cover photo was taken by Michael Takash, a shooter for the News-Journal newspaper in Daytona Beach, FL.

November 1986 Cover   (Nov 1986) Featured Photos Covers

This month's cover was shot by Dave "Bluebaker" Hancock, 32, a five-year member of the Australian 8-way team with more than 3,500 jumps.  It shows the American CRW sequential team practicing over the lighthouse at Byron Bay, which, as the most easterly point in Australia, is roughly equivalent to America's Cape Hatteras.  A complete report on the World CRW Championships in Australia begins on page 16.

October 1986 Cover   (Oct 1986) Featured Photos Covers

Frequent PARACHUTIST contributor Tom Sanders snapped this shot of the beach in Mazatlan, Mexico, where a group of Perris Valley skydivers vacationed last year, combining jumps over the ocean with sunshine and resort hotel living.

September 1986 Cover   (Sep 1986) Featured Photos Covers

This month's PARACHUTIST cover is a composite of a photograph taken by Robyn Allen and the official logo for this year's National Skydiving Championships designed by Gary Cobb.

August 1986 Cover   (Aug 1986) Featured Photos Covers

Craig Hanson, who served this year as USPA's official photographer for the National Championships of Style and Accuracy and CRW, accompanied the Prism 4-way rotation team on their apparent world record jump: 20 rotations in three minutes.  Apparent records were also set in women's group accuracy and largest freefall formation, the latter when a 100-way was completed and held for nearly eight seconds over Muskogee during the Nationals Boogie.

July 1986 Cover   (Jul 1986) Featured Photos Covers

Gus Wing, D-7117, a frequent contributor to PARACHUTIST, supplied this photo of former Skydive DeLand co-owner/operator Tom Piras over the Florida DZ during this year's Easter boogie.  Piras' former partner Bob Hallett has since assumed full control of the drop zone.

June 1986 Cover   (Jun 1986) Featured Photos Covers

Bob Feisthamel submitted this Ken Jorgensen photo of Feisthamel's Tension Free teammates Bob Suchor, Lynn Kleen and Daryl Dassinger over Spearfish, SD.  Tension Free took home a box of medals from last year's National Skydiving Championships of CRW, including gold medals in 4-way sequential and 8-way speed stack and silver medals in 4-way rotation.

May 1986 Cover   (May 1986) Featured Photos Covers

Eric Vickery, C-15915, was there to record Bob Johns of Alaska on an accuracy approach during the 1986 National Para-ski Championships in Utah.  Johns tied with Nick Kingery for first place in the men's open accuracy event.  More photos and the report on the Championships begins on page 25.

April 1986 Cover   (Apr 1986) Featured Photos Covers

Norman Kent got this shot of 1985 U.S. Team members exiting a helicopter over Japan with Mt. Fujiyama in the background.

March 1986 Cover   (Mar 1986) Featured Photos Covers

Photographer Alf Humphries docked last on an 8-stack over Loveland, CO to get this shot.  Top to bottom in the formation are Jeff Wagner, Doug Wyatt, Bruce McQuery, Tim Monsees, Keith Butler, Stuart Wyatt, and unidentified jumper and Humphries.

February 1986 Cover   (Feb 1986) Featured Photos Covers

Craig Hanson, D-8245, got this shot of the Impulse 8-way team in practice over Perris Valley, CA.  Impulse finished in a tie for fifth at the 1985 National Skydiving Championships in Muskogee, OK.

January 1986 Cover   (Jan 1986) Featured Photos Covers

Tom Sanders brought back this shot of the Army Parachute 8-way Team exiting the Bird Machine DC-3 from the 1985 National Skydiving Championships in Muskogee.  Edged out for the gold medal by Coors, Golden Knight Commanding Officer Larry Nelson told PARACHUTIST recently that the APT would again concentrate on the 8-way event in '86.

December 1985 Cover   (Dec 1985) Featured Photos Covers

Gus Wing, D-7117, strapped his 35mm on the tail of the trail Cessna for this shot of a formation load exit over the Buckingham Parachute Center in Orange, VA.  Pilot Bob Churchill, D-7253, snapped the photo as his airplane emptied.

November 1985 Cover   (Nov 1985) Featured Photos Covers

Norman Kent, who spent most of last month in Yugoslavia for the VIth World Championships of RW (page 15) submitted this photo of a 3-stack landing at Perris Valley Paracenter prior to his departure.  Kent's photos of the world championships will accompany Craig Fronk's complete story in next month's PARACHUTIST.

October 1985 Cover   (Oct 1985) Featured Photos Covers

Mike Homer, Esther Bick, Ernie Long, Phyllis McCauley and Steve Dramstad check out cameraman Mike McGowan over the Aero Country DZ in Texas.  McGowan is a frequent contributor to PARACHUTIST whose work has also appeared in the annual USPA Calendar.  (For more information on ordering the 1986 USPA Skydive Calendar, see page 34 of this issue.)

September 1985 Cover   (Sep 1985) Featured Photos Covers

Gary Cobb, D-8876, designed the official logo for the 1985 National Skydiving Championships which appears on this month's cover and on the official National Championships T-shirts and hats (see page 44 for ordering information).  The complete report on the 1985 Budweiser Skydiving Championships begins on page 14 of this issue.

August 1985 Cover   (Aug 1985) Featured Photos Covers

Joe O'Leary, D-8727, got this month's cover shot of Steven Haskett, Dwight MacArthur and Sam White over the Brazos Valley Paracenter in Bryan, TX.  All four jumpers are members of the Texas A&M University Sport Parachute Club which uses Brazos Valley as its home DZ.  Shortly after taking this shot O'Leary was en route to Spaceland, TX where he took part in an apparent world record 23-stack June 16 (see page 19).

June 1985 Cover   (Jun 1985) Featured Photos Covers

Who's that guy under a square canopy flying around the Eiffel Tower?  Why's that helicopter hovering so close?  And what's that boat with the balloons doing in the Seine River?  It's all in the name of Hollywood and the greater glory of James Bond movies and you can find out all about it by reading B.J. Worth's story on page 27.  Cover photo by Don Caltvedt.

May 1985 Cover   (May 1985) Featured Photos Covers

Rande Deluca, D-5878, caught this month's cover shot of a DC-3 dumping a load out of two side doors.  Deluca was one of the early pioneers of freefall photography; with nearly 3,000 jumps he is one of the most experienced shooters in the sport.